Sunday, February 3, 2013

Clit Freedom

Throughout time women have endlessly tied their happiness to "WHEN."  "I will be happy when I can fit into my favorite jeans again."  "I will be happy when I can shop at J. Crew and actually fit in the clothes."  "I will be happy when I lose ten pounds."  "I will be happy when I am a size six."  "I will be happy when my arms stop jiggling."  "I will be happy when my thighs don't touch."

Too often I hear women complain about their  legs rubbing together.  Admittedly, it sucks.  There is rubbing and chaffing as well as burning.  It can hurt like hell and is not pretty.  But, that is just the inside of the thighs.  No one mentions the other parts that are affected.  It is not that it is an ugly story, but leg rubbers don't know how else they are being affected physically.

Take a hot dog bun and place a jelly-belly jellybean on the inside.  Let it just rest there.  As you can see there is access to the bean.  It has freedom and accessibility to touch.  Now, pick up the hotdog bun and squeeze it shut.  The bean is no longer free to move or breath or be touched.  Okay dirty birds, now when I mention  touch I am actually referring to the touch of fabric.

I run.  I don't confess to love it, but I do enjoy it.  Unfortunately, running without taking certain precautions is now a bit uncomfortable as my thighs no longer touch.  I have found that wearing plain old cotton panties doesn't cut it anymore.  They are too lose and ride up my crotch rubbing the bean in a most uncomfortable manner.  Now, digging into my lady parts is what I would love to do, but I think my running partners might find this a bit unladylike and down right dirty.  So, I have had to revert to the drawers that have the thin elastic bands in the buttock so that as I heat up during my run the panties adhere and don't move - they stay tight.  Unfortunately, my butt gets really hot.

So, there you have it.  When your legs no longer rub together your clit has the freedom it deserves to breath.