Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Way of Remembering My Dad 15 Years Later.....

People often ask me how I manage all of my responsibilities.  The answer: motivation.  Recently, I have found that I need to spark a little motivation in my colleagues.  Below is part of an address I will be recording and sending out to staff as a means to garner an understanding for, and a commitment to, community service.  There are parts where the "I" will be transformed into the "We" but this is where I began from - my heart.   

My father, Fred, was a beast of a man.  He was a loud and vivacious Sicilian who pushed people out of their comfort zones because he always saw they could do more and be more.   Those that had lost their way and sought solace in his advice learned quickly that giving up was never an option.  My father had the  gift of insightfulness that when coupled with his wisdom would guide a soul in an infinite number of directions.  Many found it impossible to not be inspired by him as he taught them the power a having a dream.                   
My father dedicated his adult life to giving back to his community.  He knew that there was magic in selfless acts.  He led by example and inspired others of all ages, makes, and models to do the same.  He knew that the life you lead when you believe no one is watching is a powerful way of measuring the human spirit.
My father also recognized that our characters as people are also defined by what we do when no one else is watching.  My father’s character was one of integrity, strength, and even humiliation.  In all of the work he did for different organizations, and ultimately, his family, he did so because he recognized the need to create a culture that sustains positive human learning and growing.  
My vision for Wilson is built from the foundation that my father created for me from which to dream upon.  I vision our Wilson family working collaboratively to continuously examine our school’s culture so that it may be a school that is universally hospitable to student learning and achievement in and outside of the classroom.  I truly believe in making not only our students more knowledge and caring, but also ourselves.  This is why I strive for excellence.
My father may be gone, but he and his lessons are not forgotten.  He left a lasting legacy.  He left his dream.