Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Weeping Orgasm

I seriously cannot believe I am putting it out there like this, but here goes.  The Weeping Orgasm does exist.  I had heard of it in passing like a myth comparable to the Lochness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Chupacabra and had filed it away under "Urban Legends" and let it be.  I never thought in a million years that the weeping orgasm was in fact an actual orgasm.  It should come with a disclaimer "Attention, the weeping orgasm should only be used in cases of dire cathartic need as your partner (man or woman) might experience cardiac arrest from fear of orgasmic disaster."  In all honesty, there is no control over the weeping orgasm - if it's going to happen, it will..  It erupts out of a place of deep isolation.

So, how exactly did I stumble upon the weeping orgasm you ask?  For that, you will need your imaginations.  Blame the lack of details on the small town Italian Catholic up-bringing that continues to set boundaries.  I recently posted a picture of my son and I on on his first day of school.  He looked so cute and I was so proud.  I received more than several responses commenting on how I looked.  I was overwhelmed not only by the responses but by the picture when I actually sat down and looked at it.  I will admit, I stared at it on & off all day.  I could not believe that was me and I now understood the comments.  It got me thinking back to a comment my aunt made.  She said, "There will come a day when people will have no idea you had a battle with weight." 

Who am I if I am not the woman in a battle with her weight?  What do I have to offer in my blog?  Do I have a right to offer my story any longer or does my story eventually end?  Dang - one picture really got me thinking. The story does not end.  In writing about the bathroom habits of overweight women versus their thinner counterparts I received a number of comments both on and off-line.  It made people think - it put the unspeakable out there and that is why my story continues.  I will talk about the less comfortable subjects.

Back to the SEX then.  I seriously think that the negative connotation surrounding gastric bypass would fly into extinction if it was branded as not so much a means to end in the battle of weight but as a means to creating a much better and more fulfilling sex life.  Seriously, with the taboo gone our nation would include healthier and much happier adults - MUCH HAPPIER!!!!  War would come to an end.  Ashby Madison has a commercial on the radio that goes something like, "You got fat and I got trapped."  I was offended by it, but from a strictly sexual standpoint I kind of understand it.  Is it still a unhealthy, mean, and uncalled for commercial.... I tend to think so.   

My point is Skinny Sex is a BILLION times better than fat sex.  Argue if you like, but I have been to the other side and I am a believer.  So, the weeping orgasm.  You know you want to know, it is like slowing down to watch a bad accident or the Elvis impersonator being arrested on the side of the NYS Thruway......again, another story altogether....... Truth be told, being overweight and having sex was difficult.  It seriously limited not only the freedom of movement, but also the ease at which pleasure was felt.  Neither of these is an issue any longer.

So, yes - as I wept I did terrify Brent, however he survived and continues to benefit from my weight loss as do I.  I am 35 years old and reaching my sexual prime and I thank god it was not wasted in my old body.

PS - Brent says to share with you all that HE IS THE MAN!!!!!  wink, wink!