Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Stripping.....

Skinny people have a freaking obsession with fat.  What happened to the good 'ol days?  It used to be that when a pseudo celebrity needed an ego boost they would slum it to where the commoners are and have someone yell, "Oh my god it's.......!"   Well, it seems a new trend is forming to boost the egos of these egocentric and demoralizing women.  It seems as though nothing in this world can be as demonizing as being fat.  So, that is what these women are doing - they are putting on fat suits to "expose" the discrimination that overweight and obese people experience in this country. 


Let's call it for what it is.   The fact that is these women are not parading around in elephant sized asses to do society a favor.  These women, who are deemed thin by society's standards, are putting on these fat suits in an effort to make themselves feel better.   The act of putting on a fat suit and hitting the streets while being followed by cameras seems to be more common practice thanks to shows like Entertainment Tonight.  Their latest stunt's headline read "Melissa Gorga's Crusade Against Fat Discrimination."  And the crusade?  When I figure it out I will let you know.  To my understanding, the woman, whose job it is to be a desperate housewife in Jersey, hit the streets of NYC in her "normal" look.  She then underwent 5 hours of make up to transform into a 400 pound woman in a freaking bright pink jumpsuit.  Who would not look at that?  WHO!  Notice, I purposely did not end that with a question mark.

I have stated it before and I will state it again.  Fat discrimination is the last socially accepted form of discrimination.  It does not take a desperate woman from Jersey donning a fat suit to tell us this.  Strip off the fat suit.  If you want to see the discrimination walk out your front door. It is everywhere.  

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 weeks to form a habit....

I love that people follow my blog - that is the whole point if this, right?!?  It is my desire to help motivate those people who want to make life changes.  So, what happens when the motivator becomes stuck and needs her own motivation?  It was so hard to write the words that shared with you all the struggle I have been facing recently.  I honestly had to share it though.  A funny thing happened afterward - I felt better.  Giving it to a "higher being" seriously made things clearer for me.  I could finally take a breath and reflect. 

I made a decision.  I have not given up on myself.  I am not going to get the gastric bypass.  I do not need it.  I may never get as thin as the people who have had it, but I will never have to live the fear of complications.  So, how do I make it on my own?  Hookers (see earlier post) and Dr. Oz.   

According to Dr. Oz it takes 3 weeks to form a habit.  As a married woman I have tested this theory many times using my husband as a guinea pig.  I hate dishes, so I have B start doing them - in 3 weeks he should have this down according to Dr. Oz.  Nope.  It took 4 years to get B to mow the lawn and keep mowing it - a far cry from the 3 weeks Dr. Oz called for.  My love in Dr. Oz, however, will not let me give up hope.  So, in the last few weeks I have removed the focus from my husband and put it on me.  I guess if a habit is to be formed in 3 weeks, it should be my habit as it probably helps to have buy-in.

Three weeks ago I began using an old tool, a weekly menu.  I have been filling in the menu at the beginning of each week on Sundays.  I add up all of the calories to make sure I am within the daily allotted 1500.  I eat the same number of calories a day.  I eat at approximately the same times everyday and I generally choose the same foods each week.  The structure is necessary as a woman. Is it working?  YES.  And I knew it would. 

I have not issued a challenge in quite a while - so I will throw one out there now.  Stop.  Step Back.  Reflect.  Do you see ways in which you need to take back control?  For the real challenge - Let Up on Yourself.  We all have moments where we cannot handle imperfections or things out of our control.  It is our response to such times that define our state of being.  I got lost for a period of time and needed reminding of this.  I let up and redefined my response.  You can do the same.  I have faith in you.